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  • ​​​Drone Weddings

  • Aerial Art Gallery

  • Decorating:  interior, RV, home, stage, and general adverting.
  • ​Video Marketing:   ​​all Businesses--website facility aerials, Agent 4k Aerial business cards staring You!

  • Community, Civil and Sports.

​​Up in the air – we’re there!

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  • ​​​​Video Security Systems: Video analytics, facial recognition systems (FRS), and security drones​.

We are an “Everything-Drone” company, offering: aerial photography, sales, system integration, FAA Certs & FAR (federal aviation regulations), UAV/UGV/USV/UCV, modification & repair, maintenance MIL-1388, avionics, fault isolation and tech-pubs S1009D.

*Complete machine shop and welding facility – what’s your idea?

  • ​​​​​​​​​​Aero Videos For Sale:  news reports; traffic, crime, fires, construction monitor, special events, entertainment, commercial film production.  Aerial Views:  YouTube, Facebook Live; Real-time.

  • ​RAP, Videography and Digital Image Experts:  ​inspections and report;  developer, building and construction progress reports.​.

We are the only Remote Aerial Photography (RAP) company with over 20 years experience!

UAV-Drones and Security

FAA, AMA and BluAirways ™ Certified UAV-drone Pilots
Safety First: we are the only [Drone Company] operated by FAA Certified A&P Technicians with hands-on aircraft experience; per: FAR 43, 65, 91, 135, and MRO FAR Part 145.

DRONE Video of the Year, 2016

  • UAV Drone Programs;  FPV Racing, and Lithium batteries​.


  • wireless security cameras
  • Pinhole, IR, FLIR, thermal and LLTV.

​​​Nanny-Cams & Video Security Cameras:

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