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​Think about the risks that com-tower inspectors take today. They risk their lives, sometimes scaling radio towers over 500 feet tall. Only to retrieve antenna part numbers and serial numbers. What happens when things go wrong and gravity injures & kills folks? Chappelle Solutions, LLC has lifesaving products and ideas for "next-gens". Inspectocoptor™ born in, 2015. To learn more about these tools-of-safety: see INSPECT-O-COPTER® Integrated Systems Programs, and step in to the future. 

Unmanned Systems and Inventions

​Gordon has always had a passion for science, robotics and "Flying Machines". He is a gifted craftsman and inventor with many patents and Innovation Awards from Boeing and Raytheon. In the 1970's, he became an R/C Aircraft Sport Flyer, learning aerodynamic engineering the hard-way. Thirty years ago, when what today we call: UAS; Drones, this technology was called RPV (remote piloted vehicle), Gordon designed the Hawk-i™ H-7 RPV 35mm Photo-System. Long before the current "drone revolution", back in 1997. He took his first commercial RPV aerial shots of C.G. Grace, Commerce, California. This engineering, innovation and technical spirit spills over into our UAS Integrated systems customer support of today TQMS. What are your dreams? Presenting Gordon's, 1997 Historic Slide Show on our Online Store. View it here.

​​Chappelle Solutions, LLC is a VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business), self-funded, specializing in video security systems and UAV-drone system integration. The founder, Gordon Chapy, is an Aviation Historian working as an Aerospace Engineer for more than 30 years on many famous aircraft: Lockheed SR-71 {Still the World's Fastest!}, Boeing 747-800F {"Free World's" heaviest...}, Northrop Global Hawk {Largest UAS-Drone}, Rocketdyne Space Shuttle Main Engine {World's only production "throttleable" rocket motor.}, and Bell AH-1G "Cobra" {World's first assault helicopter}. A background in Total Quality Management Systems [TQMS] and a love for all "Flying Machines" is his management cornerstone. His bench mark - two outstanding principles that separate us from the norm: dedication to customer service and program security.


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Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk pictured to the right

Our foundation: Video Security Systems sales, has given us the competitive advantage by providing what the World needs today: making bad-people nervous! Visit our store .{Chappelle Solutions} and let us bring comfort & security to your homes and businesses.