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{Chappelle Solutions Tech Library; ref: Popular Science Mag., October, 1987}

About Us

CHAPPELLE SOLUTIONS is a self-funded, veteran owned small business [VOSB] based in Monrovia, California. 
Our primary business involves aerospace vehicle maintainability, and unmanned systems: UAS (unmanned aerial systems) and USV (unmanned surface vehicles).  The company was founded in 2008 by Gordon Chappelle, an Aerospace Engineer.  Before his retirement, he was employed by many aerospace giants: Lockheed, Rockwell, Douglas, Northrop and Boeing, accumulating over 30 years’ of expertise. Chappelle is also a retired Combat Veteran, and has a great deal of experience with military org. and hands-on airborne armament systems design. 

In addition to being an “Everything-drone [UAV] organization”, we are currently developing three new, unique projects:

Disaster relief - people locator: our system will be carried on-board our Heavy-lift UAV drone deploying an umbilical-probe able to detect a human heart beats beneath 30 feet of {earthquake} rubble, then wirelessly transmit this good-news, within a 2 mile radius, to a rescue base camp.  


Atmospheric Satellite [ref: DARPA Vulture] UAV program; high altitude ultra-long endurance (HAULE).  Details are confidential; the basics: KNP is a HALE-type aircraft designed to stay aloft at 85,000 feet for 3 to 5 years un-refueled.  The mission: to produce a new world internet conductivity tool for undeveloped countries.   

Robotic vehicle [UAV, UGV, etc.] repair, modification and maintenance depot.  Our Innovation Center includes a complete machine shop and tool manufacturing facility.  What’s your idea?

Extraordinary services: our brand names are Inspectocopter ™ reports and BluAirways ™ digital imagery management.  {See our Home Page- *Inspection Button*}

We offer UAS Video marketing services, video security, and video analytics such as facial recognition equipment, as well as airborne micro IR sensors, just to name a few.  Consider us experts in these outstanding technologies, spin-off from our UAV-drone FPV (first person view) experiences.  Today all UAV-drone systems have telemetry and FPV ground station monitors.  Typically meaning: “light weight” micro cameras [ref: GoPro ™] and wireless transmitters integration.  This enables us to connect to our client’s home and business Video Security needs.  Here at Chappelle Solutions, the difference is in customer satisfaction, guaranteed!   

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