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​Drone Aerial Weddings 


Low Cost Aerial Imaging For:

  • Architects
  • Developer
  • Civil Engineers
  • Agra-Business; Crop Yield Sensing
  • Mappers
  • Event Planners

We are data management and processing specialists producing products under the brand name of BluAirwaysTM.  As custom data processors, we convert raw-digital data collected from cameras, satellites, RF signals, base ban video, Wi-Fi or UAV-drones – enhance as needed, make more manageable and useful products of these data.  Here's what we can do for professionals like you:

  • Editing; Aerial Photography or Videography
  • YouTube $350 Commercial Example:
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Inspection Results
  • Precision Agricultural; Crop Yield
  • Atmospheric Scientific Surveys
  • Social Media Promotions & Marketing

The “real-time” UAV-drone aerial thermal image below represents the kind of service we can provide.  We analyze ....and report to the farmer this section of the field will yield less produce.  Adjustments in fertilizer or insect infestation are then pointed out.  There’s only one way to effective perform this invaluable service: a UAV-drone! 

Our Flying Robot Ag-system operates for $275 per hour, a manned or piloted aircraft would cost $1000 per hour – to do the same work.  “Who will you call……?” 

{Chappelle Solutions Tech Library; ref: Popular Science Mag., October, 1987}