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Chappelle Solutions
  • We are Professional Aviators! With over 25 years experience in {remote} aerial flight, and robotic vehicles; UAV, RPV, UGV or “Drones”.
  • UAS-drone Pilot and Technician Training [FAA Part 43]; Part 107 & FAA 333 School.
  • System reliability is the key! We understand our clients #1 concern: operating cost.
  • Our Intergrated Systems are U.S.A. designed, and we maximize the use of: Made In U.S.A. components.

Here’s my story: while promoting UAV-drone usage in the Fire Services, I dropped by my local department and spoke with a Firefighter in the engine bay. Monrovia Fire Station-101 was just slightly north of an automotive shop aerial shoot I had done earlier. I gave the Fire-Captain a copy of the picture above. Then he said – “There’s only one thing wrong with this picture,” as he pointed to the scrap tire “fire hazards” on the roof. A secret hiding place – revealed by a “drone aerial,” is a testament to these new fire prevention tools – The Security Drone. By: G. Chapy, UAV-drone PIC. --By: G. Chapy

We are working on a disaster relief, people locator: our system will be carried on-board our Heavy-lift UAV drone deploying an umbilical-probe able to detect a human heart beat beneath 30 feet of {earthquake} rubble, then wirelessly transmit this good-news, within a 2 mile radius, to a rescue base camp.


MOFD Capt.: “There’s only one thing wrong with this
{Drone} aerial shot; roof TIRE fire hazards!”