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UAV-Drone MRO Services


Let us build your commercial UAV-drone system to your exact specifications and needs.  Our fleet of highly customized drones are proof; we can save you time and money.

We are the nation’s only UAV-Drone MRO (maintenance repair and overhaul center). The maintenance chief is a licensed FAA A&P (Airframe & Power Plant) technician, FAA Cert. No. 2130224. In addition to MRO services, call us UAS-Drone modification and upgrade experts.  Over the past 5 years we have modified many popular drones, as well as our own commercial drone fleet, to carry custom-sensors [thermal, FLIR, radar, laser, etc.], collision avoidance, increase payload weights, longer endurance, and parachute fail safe systems. 

Oh no!  Have a minor or major crash?  FREE ESTIMATES!  We can repair any crash damage using repair practices based on FAA AC 43.13 standards.  Our philosophy: “Make it strong or stronger” than original structures.  We have a complete onsite machine shop, and use only factory original parts.  RIP?  We buy "basket cases" no matter how bad it looks - its worth money to us.  We'll add it to our UAV-drone "junk yard"....

Let’s all fly safe, maintain our UAS equipment to the highest quality standards, and follow all FAA regs and AMA rules also.

Custom Documentation [Per FAA Part 43] Services: 1) Pre Flight 2) Post Flighty 3) Progressive Inspections 4) Pilot or Maintenance Log Books.

The FAA likes records and serial numbers, we'll set up your serial number program!  We provide customized UAS-Drone maintenance planning programs.  Typical maintenance planning documents, per FAA FAR Part 43 {Preventative Maintenance}; 30 lb drone costs about $300.

"The difference is in customer satisfaction!"